Natural Dynamic Bodyrelease

My practice has been developed over thirty years. I began training and treating professional athletes who came to me with their injuries. Through my travels, my work has evolved through gaining a deeper understanding of what creates and releases tension in the body.

Not only does the technique help the muscle groups but also the nervous and Lymphatic systems.

I am passionate about bringing the body back into a state of alignment so it can function in the way it was designed.

What is Natural Dynamic Bodyrelease®?

Dynamic Bodyrelease is a way of repairing and rejuvenating the whole body.

What happens to may many people over the years is that the muscles become fused and the skeleton adopts unhealthy postures to compensate. This often results in pain. Pain can also be caused through the unhealthy buildup of toxins. This causes restricted blood flow, creating further pain. Natural Dynamic Bodyrelease works with a series of deep massage and movements that go deep into the body. This process eliminates the build up of toxins and stimulates blood flow so the body is able to repair and rejuvenate.

For many, it provides an alternative treatment where more conventional methods have failed.


As a young boy, I was allways intrigued by the complexity of nature. From the age of ten, I started squeezing oranges, breaking down all the fibers inside until finally I was left with pure orange juice ball. Later as a sports coach I started to work on the human body helping my athletes achieve peak performance and health.

The human body is a rather more complex construction than an orange. However, my early training became invaluable, as I could easily detect and release traumas, blockages and tensions.

I could see from my years of experience that once the body moves to a state of dis-ease that the natural range of movements becomes impeded and the body begins to move in an unbalanced way which if not treated and released just gets worse. This is common in both sportsman, and “normal” people.

As my client base expanded, my clients often came to me after trying both traditional and alternative treatments that only gave temporary results. In my experience there is often a deeper reason for the pain or imbalance. My method Natural Dynamic Bodyrelease works in a different way, I first scan the whole body to get an overall picture of health and to the core of any problem, looking for aereas of stresses, imbalances, trauma and tightness. So my treatment starts the inverse way looking beyond the “current problem” as this often manifests as a result of a build up of old traumas or tensions and or emotional blockages which have to be addressed holistacally to achieve a longterm health solution.

My mission is to defuse, activate and revitalise your body so that you can feel healthy, active and vital and the reason I developed Natural Dynamic Bodyrelease.