Natural Dynamic Bodyrelease

Through either trauma or simply as time passes from a young age, muscles tend to fuse together as far back as your childhood either through trauma, stress, over trained muscles and organs. So the first step is to defuse these muscle groups improving blood circulation and oxygenation to the inner organs to give them back their individuality hence improving blood circulation re oxygenating all the muscle groups, intestines (small and large).

This leads to improved movement as the body begins to return to its natural state. The skeleton begins to free up increasing mobility regaining a fuller range of movement as both muscles and organs return to their natural state.

Natural Dynamic Body Release is based on three phases
Phase 1: Outer muscle groups
Phase 2: Organs, mainly small and large intestines
Phase 3: Inner muscle groups
As phase 1, 2 and 3 start to work and regain the bodies full range of movement where once trauma, stress, tension and toxins have accumalated the skeleton becomes re activated. The body begins to regain full range of movment, then the sensation of being revitalized, wellness, rejuvenation and vitality will follow at rapid speed to come back into your everyday life.

During the last ten years I have helped a lot of people remove their emotional blockages so they can come out of a state of depression to finally get on with their lives living at an emotional high.

After a few sessions of intensive an synchronised movements to the abdominal area where emotional blockages and stress are stored, focus then moves onto other blocked or locked areas. The skeleton begins to free up, further increasing mobility as now both muscles and the skeleton return to their natural states.

After phase one and two where tension and trauma is released and the skeleton activated, the body begins to regain full range of movement.

Phase three reprograms and revitalises the body restoring wellness, rejuvenation and vitality.

This is the process of Natural Dynamic Bodyrelease.