defuse. activate. revitalize

Through either trauma or simply as time passes muscles tend to fuse together.
The first step is to defuse these muscle groups to improve circulation and oxygenation for the inner organs

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“One day when jogging I felt an intense pain in my hip, I kept on running, thinking it would go away when suddenly my hip area was so painful that I could hardly walk never mind jog. Over a period of two years I tried many different therapies to relieve my pain and get my mobility back from physiotherapy and osteopathy to several alternative therapies as well all with good short term results, but after a while the pain in my hip always came back.
Dennis treated me in two sets of 5 sessions, he released my pain and brought back natural movement to my hips. The pain has not returned and I can now go jogging again. Although the treatment is tough, I recommend it to anyone who is looking for real release.”
Prof. Dr. Gerdum Enders, Germany,